Monday, 11 February 2013

Resurrecting an old friend

The good news is, I've started writing again ... But not quite what I expected to.
I have started writing The Resurrection Bureau again - this is one of the many projects - along with Lonely Emily, The Tell Tale Boy and Mabel Maybe - which I started writing and then kind of ran out of steam. I'm sure a lot of writers have projects like this, but The Resurrection Bureau was always an idea which kept nagging at me to get in finished. It is also (rarely for me!) a stand alone story. Beginning, middle, end, no sequel - so that's very appealing, considering the hundreds of characters and plot lines that are involved in writing the next Super Maxwell book, The Crimson King. So, between now and July 1st I am going to try my damnedest to get The Resurrection Bureau finished - even though (at the time of writing) I don't actually have an end for it!
I've also entered it into the 2013 Northern Writers Awards. And they expecting you to finish things (!), so hopefully that will compel me to pick up my pen and start writing on a cold Monday morning - rather than pick up a book and start reading (currently reading A Clash of Kings, by the way, highly recommended).
This could be a disaster of course, but this is a blog about writing, no necessarily about being a successful writer, so it should at least be interesting disaster.
More news soon, keep the faith!