Friday, 16 October 2009

Visiting strange places...

This has been a productive week - now a good 20 pages into The Isle of the Dead, and have just made my first visit to the Killian's home, The Village Green - which is alluded to, but never really described, in the first two Maxwell books. I think you'll like it. You'll probably want to live there. One of our heroes has just had his first meeting with the 20,000 - which is bad, bad news for him.

When The Burning Boys comes out you might just be able to work out who the 20,000 are ... but I doubt it!

John Gallagher, my long time friend and occasional collaborator has already agreed to put together the cover for Maxwell 3: Isle of the Dead - he obviously likes painting deranged dinosaurs (sorry, Killians).

Next week I will start work on the Maxwell "Bible" - this is for me, really, character and location descriptions to keep everything straight ... for instance Byron and Brian have different coloured eyes - one green, one blue - but which is which? Errr...even I'm not sure! I will probably publish bits of the Bible (that sounds a bit odd, we'll call it the Realmpedia Guide to 101 Worlds!) over the next few weeks and months, which will keep you entertained as I try to save Maxwell and Billy from ... but that would be telling!

Super Maxwell and the Burning Boys coming soon!

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Let's roll!

The cover for Super Maxwell and the Burning Boys is ready to go - details on publication date asap!

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

First tentative push at the mountain...

Just wrote: "Super Maxwell and the Isle of the Dead - Prologue: The Burning Boys" - here we go again...!

Monday, 5 October 2009

Burning Boy Blurb - take 1

Watchmen Academy welcomes new students - please refrain from flying during school hours.

Maxwell Jones is no ordinary 12 year old – he can leap tall buildings in a single bound, freeze objects solid at a touch, and speak to any animal in any language in the known universe – but with teenage t-rex Trevor Smethurst running amok, his mum Bettie creating ever more deadly potato-based inventions, and his best friend Billy Barker being crowned the hedgehog messiah – it’s no wonder that Maxwell hasn’t noticed that the world has already ended.

As the Eternal Engine’s power is unleashed Maxwell and Billy must join forces with the most unlikely of allies to stop history’s greatest warrior … the Burning Boy.

Too long .... perhaps the longest sentence in history...? Hmm!

Friday, 2 October 2009


Thank you very much to the children of Newbottle Primary School. 42 Y6 children aged 9-11 joined in a Maxwell workshop and wrote the first line of their own stories. They were absolutely wonderful - and 'll publish their stories online as soon as I type them up.
Super Maxwell and the Burning Boys goes to the publishers within the next week - fingers crossed for a Christmas publication date!