Friday, 16 October 2009

Visiting strange places...

This has been a productive week - now a good 20 pages into The Isle of the Dead, and have just made my first visit to the Killian's home, The Village Green - which is alluded to, but never really described, in the first two Maxwell books. I think you'll like it. You'll probably want to live there. One of our heroes has just had his first meeting with the 20,000 - which is bad, bad news for him.

When The Burning Boys comes out you might just be able to work out who the 20,000 are ... but I doubt it!

John Gallagher, my long time friend and occasional collaborator has already agreed to put together the cover for Maxwell 3: Isle of the Dead - he obviously likes painting deranged dinosaurs (sorry, Killians).

Next week I will start work on the Maxwell "Bible" - this is for me, really, character and location descriptions to keep everything straight ... for instance Byron and Brian have different coloured eyes - one green, one blue - but which is which? Errr...even I'm not sure! I will probably publish bits of the Bible (that sounds a bit odd, we'll call it the Realmpedia Guide to 101 Worlds!) over the next few weeks and months, which will keep you entertained as I try to save Maxwell and Billy from ... but that would be telling!

Super Maxwell and the Burning Boys coming soon!

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