Monday, 19 September 2011

Three Falling

The last full stop is stopped, the last comma is commed, and the big question I face now is - where does Maxwell Jones goes from here?
This morning I handed Super Maxwell and the Isle of the Dead over to my intrepid proofer, DD, so all that remains now is to check that everyone's eyes are the same colour throughout the three books, Magister's office is still where I said it was in The Last Heroes, and I haven't accidentally brought someone back I killed in book 2 - and then we're ready to roll.
Effectively Super Maxwell 2 and 3 were one story; so where I am now is that Maxwell and Billy on the verge of all new adventures, and a whole new cast of (possible) friends and (potential) enemies ... I have an idea what will happen. It's a strong idea, but it might not be the final idea.
To give you a couple of examples of what I mean ... when you finally read Isle of the Dead you will meet a character called the Forever Man. When I began to write this book the Forever Man was an entirely different character from the one he was when I finished, and will now have a major, major impact on our characters' futures. Another character - I won't tell you who - dies at the end of Isle of the Dead. I had no intention of killing that character at the start, but by the end, it seemed inevitable.
But, what really excites me is the cast of wild cards who appeared in Isle of the Dead - characters with no apparent affiliation to any of the good or bad guys we've met so far. What will they do next? And how will it effect Maxwell's universe?
As soon as I know, I'll let you know!
We are now, officially, living in interesting times...

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