Friday, 21 October 2011

Germs, Crusades and giant spiders

I am quite ashamed to say that I have not written another word of Trevor and the Time Thieves since last you checked in. There are a number of reasons for this, partly I've been very busy in my day job doing a big research project; partly because I have madly formulated the plot for Mabel Maybe and the Slow Children (now involving giant spiders), and as a a consequence have come up with an idea for a second Mabel book - Mabel Maybe and the Machineries of Odd - but mostly because of my birthday, and my cold.
I was hit by cold on my birthday and have written nothing since. Partly because I've been very tired, but mostly because my son bought me the DVD boxset of Crusade, and I've been lying in bed sipping Lemsip and watching it. When, of course, I should have been sitting at my desk, sipping Lemsip and writing Mabel/Trevor.
It's the curse of the boxset, but, all things being equal, I will have something for you to read next week. Don't despair just yet, time travel is a tricky mistress, and Trevor does have the added worry of accidentally destroying all of time and space now, alongside his very real concerns about running out of tomato sauce.

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