Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Two Lonely Girls

I have started work on Lilly Alone, and so far, so good - it will, of course, be a while down the line before you can read it, but here's a bit of a taster ... the first 200 words or so.
It's a little bit scary ... and it gets scarier!

Every night as darkness fell the terrible noises rose up through the house, and Lilly Cresswell lay in bed, frozen with terror.
During daylight the large house was a wonderful place, full of light, and happiness and toys for nine year old Lilly to play with. In fact she had so many toys that Lilly rarely left her room, but she did not mind this at all; and besides, Mrs Crow the housekeeper had told her many times that her health was delicate and she must be very careful to stay out of the sunlight.
So Lilly would sit in the dappled light of her drawn curtains in her large room, and though she could barely remember the last time she had left the room, and though she missed her parents very much, and sometimes it did seem that they had been away overseas forever, Lilly was very happy with her dolls, and toy boats and planes, and doll’s houses (she had five) and her wonderful books.
And, of course, she was not alone. She had Samson, her long-limbed black cat with its streak of silver fur that shot like a lightning bolt from between its pointed ears, down its back to the tip of its tail.
Samson lay at her feet now, curled into a ball, the silver streak a question mark in the darkness, as the terrible noise grew nearer and nearer and louder and louder...

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