Saturday, 22 May 2010

Last night I made my second visit to Fatfield Scouts and (inbetween a balloon animal demonstration) picked the winning entry in the Super Maxwell/creativity badge competition. The winner was Joshua Montgomery (aged 10) with his brilliant poem, The Day of the Author - not only is it wonderfully well written, he's left the door open for a sequal -now that's professional! Joshua won a signed copy of The Burning Boys - and Joshua, and all of the Scouts who entered the writing competition, will appear in the next Maxwell book - The Isle of the Dead - as pupils at the Watchmen Academy - Joshua's winning poem follows below.

Tony Kerr 22/5/10

The Day of the Authorby Joshua Montgomery (age 10)

Cubs is great. Very fun.
No two weeks are the same.
But the fun stopped suddenly
The day the author came.

I never knew how he got there.
He looked normal at first.
But whilst he was reading to us
His shirt began to burst.

A tail sprouted and then with devilish glee
Translucent scales replaced his hair.
He grew to eight feet tall
And his nostrils began to flare.

‘He’s an alien,’ cried Eleanor.
Peter screamed, ‘Run for the door.’
Katherine fainted with terror
And someone made a mess on the floor.

But the author didn’t know that we had completed
Our cub badge on space exploration.
We decided to fight back
And to get rid of this abomination.

We enticed him into our lunar module
Which we’d never put into use.
We all stood back except for one
Who bravely lit the fuse.

Off went the alien author
Who was blasted back into space.
We screamed and shouted for joy
And I’ll never forget the look on Kevin’s face.

Next week we are doing deep sea diving.
I hope we find the fish are thriving.
But any monsters, aliens and creatures weird
Be warned, we are the mighty 1st Fatfield!

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