Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Mid-week report: Big Brother, Tiffany Aching and a sticky bed

My plan to belt out 35 pages a week has gone slightly awry...Now, dear reader, I could lie to you and tell you that this is due to writers block, but actually it is due to a conspiracy of telly, good books and cold, wet mornings.
At the moment I am writing around 10-15 pages a week, which for me isn't bad, but obviously I'll never reach my target of finishing The Resurrection Bureau by the end of November at this rate.
But I am addicted to Big Brother - I know it's rubbish, but so are custard creams and I'm addicted to those too - so writing on a evening is out at least for the rest of this week. The weather is horrible at the moment, so I'm not getting up at 6.30 and writing for an hour as I normally do. Also I just bought I Shall Wear Midnight, Terry Pratchett's brilliant new Tiffany Aching book - and I can not go to bed until I've read at least chapter, so late night writing is out - but I'll have read that by the end of the week too.
But don't worry, give me a couple of weeks to pull it together and I will be meeting my targets. After all I'm writing this for you, not for a publishers, not for an agent, but just for me and you - trust me, together we'll make it!

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