Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Mid-Week Report: A crisis of confidence

A fellow author told me earlier this week that it probably wasn't a good idea to publish the whole of The Resurrection Bureau completely online, as there is little chance of online books ever being published by a mainstream publisher.
I felt a distinct moment of panic. Well, actually, I spent a distinct 48 hours of panic. Then I figured - actually I don't really care. The whole idea of The Resurrection Bureau was to challenge myself, and to give you something fun to read in instalments - something you haven't been able to do since Sherlock Holmes in Strand magazine.
I don't really want your money, and I don't really care if TRB is ever published - if you want to go out and buy Super Maxwell 3 next year, God bless you!
So The Resurrection Bureau will continue - and - thank Merlin - I now have a beginning, a middle and an end - which I certainly did not have a couple of weeks ago.
So on we go - and be careful never to whisper a secret to a crow - you'll find out why very soon...

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