Monday, 31 January 2011

Tulti Masking

As you may know most writers fancy themselves as brilliant multi-taskers. This is rubbish, it's just that they will do anything, ANYTHING to avoid writing for just ten more minutes - draw pictures, put together intricate synopses, work which character's great uncle married whose 80 years ago.
I'm just as guilty of this as anyone else, and this year I am working hard to stay focused - but...
A couple of peripheral things that are going on, apart from me finishing Isle of the Dead before the summer, are that I am putting together - with the help of my gifted brother in law Dave the official Super Maxwell fansite. If you can see the image on the right you will see that it is pretty sparsely populated at the moment, but, if I can work out all the techy stuff Dave bamboozles me with every time we talk, I should be migrating some of the content over to the site by Easter, and thereafter adding some new stuff.
Why? Well, it's easier to find for one thing - is hard to forget, isn't it? And, secondly it give the chance to avoid having to write something really tricky or complex for just ten more minutes (I am constantly painting myself into a corner - currently trying to work out how Billy can escape, chained up in a highly explosive hydrogen balloon, which effectively renders his fire abilities completely useless - and I don't have a clue how to get him out!)
But, I am cracking on with Isle of the Dead despite these distractions, and all being well - and assuming Billy does escape - it will be hitting the shelves by Christmas.
But before that, of course, the next Trevor Smethurst short story, Trevor and the Time Thieves, will be hitting this site, and hopefully my new, site, by the end of March.
Hmm...maybe I should finish writing it!

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