Wednesday, 4 March 2009

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Virporta Island
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For other uses, see Vir Porta (apocalypse).
Virporta is a sub-tropical island based on the planet ‘Earth’ (see also Sol 3) in the CLASSIFIED ocean, also in the CLASSIFIED and CLASSIFIED oceans (see also the ‘Virporta Flock’). The 88 km² island (latest info 5000 km²) is divided roughly in half between Good Men and Brundhahz; it is the smallest inhabited land mass in the world (NB – no longer applicable, see ‘Vir Test’).
Known ports: 2 (train and ferry)
Known breeches: 7 (unclassified)
Education: The Watchmen Academy, (founded 4276 BC) 5-12yrs old (Old Combination) zoned with Watchmen University (zone disabled 2046 (OC), 1999 (New Combination).
Current status: QUARANTINED (see ‘Eternal Engine’ CLASSIFIED, ‘Titus Andronicus Mamble’ CLASSIFIED, ‘New Combination’)
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