Friday, 27 March 2009

Burning Boys page 178

Last things I typed today...

Dr Silex simply laughed. ‘I am a teacher, Jones, because I love mathematics and I love teaching. I do not love children, I do not even like children. I only thank the Gods I never had any of my own.’

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Mr Mysterious said...

something for you to think about:

what is love?... when you thing of love you think of love you think of devotion, happiness, joy... in other words selfishness is love. But with love comes selflessness. How can love be selfish and selfless?

People fight for love but fighting itself is pointless. Why do we fight? for love? but I have already explained that love has no true defenition and because of that no meaning. I put forward the opinion that we fight for our own opinion but what is our opinion compared to anyone elses? neither of us has the right to who is wrong or right, do we? so why do we fight? to live? but we live only for our opinion that what we do is right... if we cant define right and wrong why do we continue to persist in living?