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Xenomorphic Transopticals (TXs)

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For other uses, see Superman's Spectacles

History: Although originally patented in 1807 by prolific Martian inventor Mardarke Wilson (1752-1925) the current standard model of Xenomorphic Transopticals (TXs) were created by disgraced genius Professor Lampton Saint Bernard Arcania (AD 674-). See 'Eternal ‘Eternal Engine’ CLASSIFIED, ‘Titus Andronicus Mamble’ CLASSIFIED, ‘The Realms 10 Most Wanted’).

Application: Used primarily to alter a person's physical appearance when travelling to alien worlds, the TXs (popularly know as "Superman's Spectacles") are also used to transform an individual's appearance to protect their identity among their own species. The term "Superman's Spectacles" comes from the popular human comic book character Superman, who looked identical in his guise as Clark Kent, wearing only the unconvincing "disguise" of a pair of spectacles. Though the XTs have retained this comical name, wearing them entirely transforms an individual's physical appearance and even, if desired, can change a person's gender.

Problems: Created to allow an individual to blend seemlessly into society in any of the 101 known worlds, the TXs translation programme is dependent on processing at least 50 common words - therefore when first entering an alien society it is wise to "speak when you're spoken to".

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