Thursday, 12 March 2009

Realmpedia - definition 2

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For other uses, see The First Tribe.
The Brundhahz are believed to originate from the planet ‘Earth’ (see also Sol 3) and are now almost entirely based on Virporta Island, though some are reputed to live in Borneo (see also Krohns).
Appearance: Blue skinned, and covered in thick quills. The quills are believed to be mostly used in mating rituals, but recent research has discovered that quills on the Brundhahz’s males wrists contain highly toxic poisons. About 1.5 metres (5 foot) in height they are said to resemble large blue humanoid hedgehogs.
History: Reputed to be the oldest civilisation in existence (see also Primians) Brundhahz civilisation attained technological perfection 10 million years ago, and then quickly declined. Brundhahz are reputed to be immortal, and to have created the inter-planetary Intersections.
Current status: QUARANTINED (see ‘Eternal Engine’ CLASSIFIED, ‘Titus Andronicus Mamble’ CLASSIFIED, ‘New Combination’)
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